Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanksgiving in Washington!!!

We spent Thanksgiving in Washington, with Joel's family, this year! It was a very different kind of Thanksgiving than we have ever experienced before. Every single person got the flu. It would only last about one or two days and no one had it at the same time. So it went through the entire week of having a new person sick every day. Needless to say we stayed inside most of the week and watched a lot of movies.

Joel has had extremely bad luck with Thanksgivings. The last time we had Thanksgiving in Washington he couldn't eat Thanksgiving dinner because he had mouth surgery the day before. This Thanksgiving he was the lucky one to get sick on Thanksgiving Day and couldn't eat very much. Poor guy!!!

Crew on the other hand was totally ready to get his Turkey grub on!!
Crew had so much fun playing with all the toys that Grandma Johnson had out for the kids!!!
The start of Crew's climbing days!!! Little did I know this would turn into climbing up and standing on our kitchen table!!!
Crew had so much fun playing with his cousin Zachary who is a few months older than him!!
I ended up getting sick the night that we went to zoolights but I was so sick of being in the house that I didn't care and pushed through it.

It was pouring rain the entire time we were there and we were pretty soaked by the end. I wouldn't expect anything less from Washington though! It's all part of the fun experience!!

Joel's sister Melanie and her cute family came with us. The kids loved the lights and the rain didn't even phase them!!! They thought it was great!!

On our way to the airport to come home we stopped and visited Joel's Grandpa Johnson. It was so good to see him and visit with him for a while.
Hopefully we will have better luck next year when we are all together and won't get sick!!!


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