Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gardner Village and a spooky Halloween Cruise!!!

My parents came in town a few days before Crew's Birthday Party for my cousin Brian's wedding. After the luncheon we went to Gardner Village. We never miss a year coming here at Halloween time. I love seeing all of the witches. It is such a cute place!!

These witches were great!!! They were shooting commercials or something! It was so fun watching them!
Crew loved playing in all of the leaves!

Crew looks a little scared of the witch flying overhead!!

My cute parents!!
The next night we went on a Scary Provo Halloween Cruise! They have hundreds of carved pumpkins that reflect off of the water. And they even have a pirate come and attack the boat and tell scary stories! It was so fun to see!!
All bundled!!

I have always loved Halloween but I am loving it more and more having a baby!! Crew makes everything so much more fun and special!!!

Hee Haw Farms!!! 10/15/10

We took Crew to Hee Haw Farms on October 15th. We all had so much fun and he loved seeing the huge pumpkins that were bigger than him!!!

Crew loved this tire swing!

I guess since we've moved to Spanish Fork we needed to introduce Crew to a tractor!!! ;)

He is a born farmer.....such a natural!!
Those pumpkins were gigantic!!!

This was the start to a great month of October!!! So many fun activities to come and Crew's big Birthday Party!!!

September Fun 2010!!!

I am seriously so behind on blogging it is horrible!!! I am really trying to get caught up little by little and the plan is to be caught up by Christmas so I can post all of those fun festivities shortly after!!!

Here is a re-cap of September. My mom flew back to Utah with us after Cabo. We had so much fun going to Swiss Days and playing outside! We went with Joel's sister Janelle and Jeremy to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. Crew loves coming here and we have been here several times this past summer and fall season. Crew's favorite part is riding the pony!! He laughs so hard. I love it!
Cousin Brody loves all of the animals too!
Crew's like, "I'm looking mom, hurry take my picture!"
Jeremy and Brody after a fun pony ride
Brody loves smiling for the camera!!

My mom and Crew
Crew a little tuckered out from jumping in his jumper before church!! I love these precious moments and thank goodness for cameras to be able to capture them forever!!!
My dad was able to come into town, as well, over Labor Day. We went with my parents to Trafalga in Lehi. We played mini golf, rode on the merry-go-round, and played on these fun, push them yourselves, go carts! I love it they are for little kids to be pushed around in. I guess that includes Joel too!! ;)
Crew felt pretty cool in that car!!
Ok, and me too!!
Joel's mom was able to come in town for a few days to help with our new niece Kate that was born on August 24th!!! It was so fun to be able to spend time with her while she was here. We went to the Dinosaur Museum and out to lunch to Cafe Rio! Yum!

We also gave Crew his very first official hair cut. We've trimmed the top before but this was trimmers and all!!!

Yay Crew doesn't have wings anymore!!! He did great for his first hair cut!

Well that pretty much sums up our quick month of September!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cabo August 2010!!!

We went on our annual trip to Cabo in August. Our reservation got messed up so they actually put us up in two pent house suits at another resort called The Sunset. We have always visited this resort when we have come so we were really excited to actually have a chance to stay there. I was so excited to be able to take Crew. Last year I was pregnant with him. This may have been our last time going so it was really special for us to share the fun with Crew. He loves the water!!!

This is the pool at the resort where we normally stay. We spent a day here and had fun playing in the pool and the beach. Crew loved all of the swimming! He had so much fun playing with his cousins!!
I love this smile!!
On the way to Mexico of course the airlines broke another one of our strollers. Luckily we took the cheapest stroller we could find. Crew was three wheeling it all week!!
The resort that we stayed at is so spread out that you take these over sized golf carts everywhere to get around. Crew loved riding in them.
Crew's awesome flip flops that he never kept on his feet!!! Oh well at least I got a picture!
Playing on the beach. Lover's Beach is pictured behind us. That is where Joel proposed!
This was how Crew took his naps for the week. On a lounge chair under a cabana.
Crew took his first bubble bath in Mexico! He was going nuts with all of the bubbles!!
Crew also started standing up on his own in Mexico! He is getting so big I can't stand it!
Another way Crew enjoyed taking his naps..... Such the life!!
Crew was definitely hesitant about the sand at first. But by the end he was eating it and having a blast!!
Playing in the ocean right before our nephew Bryce got stung by a jellyfish! Ouch!!!
The place where we stayed.

Having dinner at a delicious restaurant overlooking the ocean!
Most of the group. Sorry kind of a blurry picture
We were so lucky to have my mom come with us again. We have so much fun together!

Crew loving every minute of the heat, flowers, ocean, pool, miami vice drinks, and so much more!!! His face says it all!
Time to go home :( The week always goes by way to fast when we are there.

We have loved every minute of you Cabo!!! Thanks for a ton of memories and I'm sure we will make it back again someday. Besides, I think Crew needs another stamp in his passport!!!