Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in Park City

My family came in town this weekend for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a very nice service and will definitely be remembered.

On Saturday we got to come up to Park City to see my cousins and have a fun time. Jaden loved this 4 wheeler at my Aunt Vickie and Uncle Steve's house. I definitely think he needs one for Christmas this year!!!

We then headed up the road to the Ranch where some of us went horseback riding. I was so sad that I couldn't go because I am prego. Joel had his first experience riding a horse and he loved it!!! I can't believe he had never ridden a horse before!! We have got to get this kid out more. haha
Here is my sister-in-law Shauna, my cousin Analeis, and my brother Doug. They are ready to ride!!
Doug, Shauna, Analeis, and Joel

Those of us who either didn't or couldn't go rode on the Ranger with the kiddos. We have my mom who is holding my niece Bradli. Then Brock, Jaden and Me. My cousin Richard is in the front holding their new baby Lyla. We took it all the way up to the Saddleback chair lift at The Canyons Resort. Once we got up here it really started to rain and we still had to make the trip down. Here we go.....
We ran into the horseback riders again and we were all soaked at this point. It was so much fun!!! Doug and Shauna loved it!!
I jumped out to take a picture with Joel and his horse. Don't we all look so attractive!!!
I know I couldn't ride the horse but I could at least jump on for a quick picture right..... That is my cousin Roger holding the horse for me. He was so nice to take us all on a tour.
Although it was a sad weekend with my grandpa passing we enjoyed all being together as a family and celebrating his wonderful life as well. We will miss being with all of our family. Thanks for a fun time together!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

In Loving Memory!!

In Loving Memory of Delbert Avron Osguthorpe
June 8, 2009

My amazing Grandpa passed away this morning. He lived an incredible life and was very charitable to those around him. He will be greatly missed.