Friday, September 7, 2007

Great Buy!!!

When I find a good deal I just feel as if it is my responsibility to share what I have found. I mean what are friends for right? So at Wet Seal online they are having a huge sale where a lot of their shoes are $10!!! I got these ones below. They also have these in yellow and white. I know I have been getting a lot of shoes lately but can you blame me? These great deals are to good to pass up. So check it out!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Triple Date!!!

Joel and I had the funnest weekend!! My really good friend Cindy came in town to see her boyfriend Jake and she stayed with us all weekend. Me, Joel, Amy, Taylor, and Cindy and Jake all went on a triple date on Friday night. We went to dinner at Shivers, which is a little diner up in Salt Lake and then we went to Boondocks where they have mini golf, go carts, arcades, and all sorts of fun things. Below are my girls!! Amy, Me, and Cindy!! I love them so much and miss spending time with them. These are always precious memeories to me!!
Here are the boys! Joel, Taylor, and Jake

It's all in the hips, It's all in the hips!!
Great Form babe!!
Go carts were so much fun!! We were all racing each other and laughing hysterically the entire time!
I wanted #1 because I was the winner of mini golf!!
This is Cindy as she was trying to pass me!!
We also played arcade games which were so much fun. We felt like little kids again and it was the best!

This girl gave Joel an extra attraction pass so he got to ride the go carts again!! The guy didn't take his ticket so Joel gave it to me so I was able to ride them again as well. Joel made this kid flip around. It was awesome!!

Here are our Johnny Nascar videos. I'm on the left and Joel is on the right!!


I went to Pacific Sunwear this past week and found a STEAL OF A DEAL!!! I was looking at the shoes and saw that these shoes were on sale for $2.99!! That's right $2.99!! I thought to myself that this has to be a joke. I asked the girl who worked there if this was a joke and should be $29.99 but she assured me that yes there are in fact $2.99. I was so excited I just couldn't believe my luck. I found every size six they had and bought them. So basically I got 3 pairs of Kitsons for $9 when they are normally sixty or seventy dollars. I love getting shoes at payless and target but I couldn't believe that I was getting shoes even cheaper at Pac Sun. I am so ready for winter now!!!