Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cabo San Lucas!!!

I love Cabo!!! Joel and I go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, every August with his family. It is always such an adventure with so many stories to share. This was my third time going with Joel's family and it gets better every year. This year was especially great because my mom came with us!!! It was so much fun sharing the experience of Cabo with her that I have told her so much about. Unfortunately my dad couldn't come because he was on a business trip. We missed him very much while we were gone. This picture below was the first full day that we were there. We went into town and took my mom to their mall, not quite like the ones that we are used to. Enjoy all of these fun pictures of our vaca!!My mom and I in front of Hard Rock in Cabo. They have these everywhere!!!
Parasailing was definitely a highlight of the trip. I have been once before during the first time I came to Cabo a couple of years ago but that time I went by myself. It is so much better going up with someone else. I loved being able to go with Joel. It was a blast!!
Up, Up, and Away!!!
This is the parasailing clan on the boat getting ready for some fun.
My mom and I went together as well which was amazing. I can't believe that my mom, who is afraid of heights actually went parasailing!! She had so much fun and I am so glad that I could share that with her!!
This just shows how high up you go. And my camera was zoomed as far as it goes.
The best part was when they dipped us 3 times in the water. I felt like shark bait dangling in the water!!
Even though I had a great time going twice I think this was the coolest part of going parasailing!! Joel's grandparents actually went and they are 84 years old!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. They were so fun the entire trip!!

They made it!!
The next day we rented a couple of jet skis and cruised around the ocean. Joel really enjoyed this because he got to spend some time with his brother Ryan.
The boys told us to go together because they wanted to go really fast and do 360's. I know better than to go with Joel anyways. He through me off one on our honeymoon. Boys will be boys.
Joel and Jeremy
These are some rocks out at Lover's Beach where Joel and I got engaged a couple of years ago.

The suite that we stay in has a pool up top so my mom and I were lounging in the pool and watching the cool cruise ship.
This is our cute nephew Bryce. He loved jumping into the pool to Uncle Joel. He got tired pretty quick though.

A view of the coast line.
This is the pool and resort at night. Joel and I walked into town to get Pina Coladas at the Hard Rock but when we got down there and found out that they were 9 dollars a piece even without alcohol we quickly came back to our resort where we got them for cheaper. Getting those drinks is definitely a favorite of mine!!
This is a view from the top of the resort where we stay by our private pool. We have a great view of Lover's Beach!!!
Bryce loved playing in the sand and building sand castles.
Missy and Bryce. Bryce is so cute and calls Missy, Sissy.
We stay in the top two stories of the picture below. The pool is on top of the ledge.
Cabo is very beautiful as the sun goes down. You never know what kind of beautiful sunset you will get or what color it may be. This year we were blown away by the Full moon that glistened across the water!!

This show the pool up top and the amazing views that you have all around. We just sat outside and gazed into the moonlight.
Here are some pictures of what is looks like inside. The kitchen table is below.
This was my mom's shrine where she slept. Not bad for finding out she was coming a few days before we left.
The Library
The pool room, weight room, and TV room
The stairs and hallway

Joel and I are obsessed with the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Hotel. It is a hotel that is owned by the same people where we stayed. We found out that you can take a bus in between hotels and use all the pools and the spa too!! There are 5 pools at the Sunset and we loved the atmosphere. Next year we are going to come to these pools everyday!!

One of our favorite things to do when we come to Cabo is go into the spas. They have steam rooms and sweedish showers and jacuzzis!!! This is a picture inside of the Sunset Spa. I felt like I was in a castle's dungeon. I will design one of these someday!!!
This was when we were packing the car up to go to the airport. There were 14 of us and about 28 pieces of luggage. Let me just say it reminded me of the movie Home Alone when everyone in the family is running around the house trying to get packed for their Christmas vacation!!! This is always classic!!
We hope everyone had fun looking through our pictures and sharing our memories with us. We can't wait to do this again next year!!!