Sunday, June 24, 2007

Divine Intervention

Both Joel and I have been extremely busy these past few weeks. Joel finished and past his real estate exam last Thursday!!! I am so excited and proud of him. I have also been busy doing my mortgage classes. I took my test on Saturday and I passed!!! I am so relieved and we both know there was some divine intervention while taking these hard tests!!! Now I can finally come home and play after work instead of doing mortgage classes!! I think this week I will plant some flowers in my pots outside!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

ROME, ITALY~May 19, 2007

The group!! Diane is taking the picture. This was our very last day of this amazing trip. We got off the ship for the last time and then toured Rome. This is in front of the St. Peter's Basilica. This vacation was a dream of a life time and we will never forget it!! Yay I'm done blogging about it! This takes a lot of work. Now I can start blogging about other fun things that we do in our lives!! I hope you have enjoyed our trip with us!!Inside of St. Peter's Basilica. The detail of this is incredible.

The outside of the Basilica.

In the Forum.
The amazing Colosseum.

K, so they totally copied the Luxor on the strip in Vegas!!
A view of the entire Forum!!

A very famous fountain in Rome.

NAPLES, ITALY~May 18, 2007

Naples was really cool and very historical. The first place we went to is called hermerculum. They had a huge mud slide that came down and completely covered up this entire town. They excavated and found all of these remainings of this town.Remember the column thing...ya I'm obsessed!
The ancient town that they dug up.
My amazing dad!!
The clouds were so cool here. A storm was totally rolling in and the thunder was super loud. Luckily it didn't rain!!

This was a kitchen.
I love my parents!! And yes, I love columns too!

This is the beginning of the Pompei pictures. Pompei was completely covered in ash from a volcano. And again they excavated and found this incredible town underneath, including dead people. This is a two way street below and you can tell that by the three stones. They had carts and wagons back then and the wheels would go right between these stones. If it was a one way street there would only be one stone.

They must have been very thirsty back then.....this is a HUGE cup!
This is the theater that they had in the town. They are actually going to put seats in there now so they can still use it for plays.

This is a picture of a wealthy persons house. They would be somewhere in the ball park of 17,000 sqft.
I know creepy right.....These are pictures of actual people that they found when they excavated. The ash was so hot that the moment it hit the town people were dead immediately. Notice there faces, it's obvious they were in a lot of pain.

This was our tour guide. He was so good and knew every little detail about the town.
After leaving Pompei we took the train to Sorrento which was gorgeous. They had all of these extravagant hotels up on cliffs. I definitely want to come back to this place someday just to stay in Sorrento.
Instead of taking the long train ride back to Naples we took the hydrafoil. The hydrafoil is a really fast boat. To be honest I wanted it to go faster!!!

AT SEA~May 17, 2007

We had 2 formal nights on the cruise. This was our first formal night and it was on Mother's Day!! At dinner they gave all of the women a rose! We were waiting to watch the show in their theater.The sunset was gorgeous!

Out on the deck of the ship.

This is a picture of the very top of the boat.

Second formal night.

This was the very last night of our cruise in the dining room. This was our server for the week. He kept talking about the LDS church that is by his house and how it has a basketball court INSIDE!! He thought that was so cool.


WOW!!! That is really all I can say about this place! This was our favorite stop of the entire trip. Have you seen the movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Well if you haven't this is where part of it was filmed!! This entire town is up on a cliff and it is surrounded by beautiful water! There were 4 cruise ships that were here that day. We had to take a smaller boat from the cruise ship to the shore. The views from up top were absolutely breathtaking.
There were three ways that you could get to the town once on shore. Either by walking, riding a donkey, or taking the cable car. We decided on taking the cable car, even though it would have been great to say that I rode a donkey!
This man was great!! He was trying to sell peanuts and all of the tourists were just taking pictures and he was getting very upset!
The best part was that I was sharing this all with my parents!! It wouldn't have been the same without them!
We took this picture while we were riding the 4 wheeler!!
We rented 4 wheelers to tour the island which was the funnest thing we could have ever done!! We went to the beach and swam for a bit and then just kept on riding around the island. You would think we got around pretty fast but these 4 wheelers were only 50's. Put, put, put..........
My hottie!!! (hey boy!!)
I was wearing Joel's shirt so that I wouldn't get fried!! Living in Provo and working inside 40 hours a week really kills the whole tan thing.

This was an amazing church that we saw. I love how Santorini is all about the blue roofs!

Totally cute house!!