Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving in Colorado!!!

Crew has had quite the first month of life! We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and Crew was only 3 1/2 weeks old. Crew has experienced many firsts already. He has been on his first plane ride!! He loved looking out the window. haha Or maybe mom just made him face that direction... He did so good on the plane. He ate and slept the entire time. It is quite the new experience flying with a little one though. All the things to worry about, the stroller, car seat, bags.
When we got to Colorado we were welcomed by two very special people. Crew's cousins Jaden and Bradli!!! Poor guy was hungry so he wasn't to excited. His cousins love him so much and were so cute with him!! Bradli already going in for a smooch!!
The Broncos played a couple of times while we were there so we had to support our team. GO BRONCOS!!
Crew also went bowling! To bad the bowling balls weighed more than he did or he may have tried it out!! Jaden loves to bowl!
Little Miss Bradli is quite the bowler herself!
Even though Crew slept through the entire experience I am sure he enjoyed it!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Crew's 1st Thanksgiving. This onesie was so perfect for the holiday.
After a big Turkey feast Crew hung out with mom and dad.

On Black Friday we went to the Castle Rock Outlets. It was a gorgeous day and so fun to get out.
Crew was also able to sit on Santa's lap at the outlets.
That night we went to Zoolights at the Denver Zoo. We had so many visitors come for Thanksgiving this year!! We had two of my cousins come with their adorable families and then me and my two brothers with our families. My Aunt and Uncle also came with my cousin Kimberly. It was so much fun having so many people together for Thanksgiving!
Crew's 1st Zoo experience!!!

It got pretty chilly that night so Crew was all bundled up!! He was probably warmer than any of us.
It was Crew's lucky day and he was able to see Santa twice in one day. Santa was at Zoolights too!!

We had a great trip to Colorado and it is so fun having Crew here for all the holidays!!! Thanks mom and dad for a memorable week!! We can't wait for Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crew's Announcement

Here is the front of Crew's announcement!!! They turned out so cute. Thanks Analeis!!