Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breckenridge, a Birthday, and RSV

Last week Crew and I flew to Colorado to spend the week with my family in Breckenridge. Joel had to work the beginning of the week so he drove up on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week with us. We had so much fun and can't believe it has already come and gone. The first night there we went to a very delicious Mexican restaurant. It was snowing that night and was so gorgeous. We got Crew all bundled up and took him out for a stroll downtown.
When we bot back that night Bradli and Jaden had so much fun playing in a jetted bubble bath. They loved the jetted tub in Grandma and Grandpa's room.

The next day we walked down main street and went in this hilarious hat store. They have every kind of hat you could think of. What a perfect store to get things for a costume party. My parents got a little crazy in this store and Jaden loved it!!! He loves having crazy fun Grandparents! I love my mom with purple hair!! haha
We barely made it to Breckenridge to see the ice sculptures. They took them down the day after we got there. They start with just a huge block of ice and sculpt it into something amazing. Here is Shauna and Jaden.
They have a contest and judge who made the best ice sculpture.

Me, Crew, and my Mom
Shauna took Jaden skiing so we all went out to watch. I bet you don't see to many strollers out on the slopes!! Crew is destined to be a great snowboarder. He is starting early!!! All of us were supposed to go snowboarding and skiing on Tuesday but Monday night was not a good night for the boys. My dad and brother Doug got really sick and were throwing up all night. Shauna and I still went snowboarding and it was so much fun to have a girl's afternoon together. We would get so carried away talking on the chair lift that we would almost forget to put the bar up. Leave it to girls to do this!! haha It was a beautiful, sunny day and were so glad to get up on the slopes.
Crew and Bradli. She is adorable in her pink snow outfit.
Bradli, My parents, Crew, and My brother David and his wife Amanda
Jaden is quite the little skiier already. He has no fear!!!
My dad giving Jaden a piggy back ride up the slope so that Jaden didn't have to walk. Such a nice Grandpa!!!
Crew's little sleeping bag snowsuit worked so perfectly!!! He was probably warmer than any of us.
Are you kidding me... Look at this little face. I love you Crew!!!
We took Crew swimming for the first time. They have an indoor pool at the place we stayed so it was the perfect opportunity to get Crew in the water!!!
Crew with his cousins Jaden and Bradli. I love Bradli's swimsuit!!!
Crew loves swimming. He loves it so much that it just puts him right to sleep. This floaty was perfect and he got a good nap in!!!
Joel finally came!!! We missed him the first part of the week. Crew loved swimming with his daddy.
On Wednesday night we went to dinner at Bubba Gumps and then walked around the shops. We found this really cute little cupcake store. They made this cupcake out of snow! We ended up getting candy covered carmel apples. YUM!!!
Joel turned 29 on Valentine's Day!!!! Happy Birthday Joel!!! We celebrated with my family while in Colorado. The years are flying by!!!
Jaden loves his Uncle Joel
On Friday Crew and I woke up with colds. Everyone else went snowboarding and skiing while we stayed back at the hotel. We drove home to Utah on Saturday and Crew was still coughing but we thought it was just a cold. Come Tuesday, yesterday, he had a temperature of 101 consistantly throughout the day. I called the nurse and she said that she wanted me to bring him in seeing as how young he is. We took Crew to the doctor and sure enough he was tested and has RSV and an ear infection. Poor little guy!!! Unfortunately there isn't anything they can give him for RSV since it is a virus. We just have to give him baby tylenol and run the humidifier and hope that he can get through this himself. They did give him an antibiotic for his ear infection so hopefully that will help him. I took his temperature in the middle of the night and it was at 99.9 so I was happy to see that it was going down. When he woke up this morning his temp was 98.7! I am so glad that he is starting to get over his illness. Who knows though it may spike up again but we are staying inside hibernating for the mean time. It doesn't help that I don't feel good either. It's hard taking care of your little one when you are sick too but we are hanging in there.

Thanks mom and dad for such a fun trip to Breckenridge. It's sad that so many people had to get sick during the week but tis the season.