Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 Month B-day!!!

Crew turned 3 months yesterday!!! I can't believe our little guy has been here for 3 months already. He is getting so big and growing up so fast. He is so much fun and we can't imagine life without ever having him. We love you Crew!!!

My girlfriends Amy and Colin came over yesterday and we made these cute Love letters for Valentine's Day. I think they turned out really good and it was so much fun to reminisce on old times.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crew's Baby Blessing!!! New Year's Day 2010

Our precious baby boy, Crew Marx Johnson, was blessed on New Year's Day 2010!!! Joel blessed Crew at his parents house in Washington. So many of his family members were able to be there for that very special time. My parents were able to fly over from Colorado which we really appreciated. Joel gave Crew a wonderful blessing. I appreciate him so much for being able to bless our son. That means the world to the both of us!!!

Here is our handsome stud on his special day!

The lucky parents!!!

Us with Joel's parents

Here we are with my parents

Joel's Granparents, Grandpa and Grandma Brown

Joel's Grandpa and Grandma Judy Johnson

This is a very special picture! 4 Generations!!! Crew, Joel, Joel's Dad, and Joel's Grandpa Johnson

The Brown side of the family. It's funny because my maiden name is Brown and so is Joel's moms. Here is Joel's Uncle Marc Brown, Grandpa Brown, Joel, and then my dad Marc Brown. It's also funny because Joel's Uncle and my dad have the same name. Things can get pretty confusing!!!

Here are all the guys

And here are all of the girls

Everyone that was there. Thank you so much for everyone who came. We appreciate you all so much and it was so special to share this time with all of you!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We went to Washington this year to spend Christmas and New Year's with Joel's family. We had so much fun but before we left we did a little celebrating with just the three of us. Our first Christmas with our little family!

We decorated the Christmas Tree!!

Crew got his very own personalized stocking!!

We took Crew to church for the first time and he did so good!!! I am so glad our church is now at 11 with this little one!! (BTW I also cut bangs which are so fun! Thanks Colin!!)

Crew loves spending time with his Daddy!!!

We celebrated Christmas just the three of us before we went to Washington because I did not want to have to worry about taking everything with us. Crew got so many fun things!!!

Crew's second plane ride and he is only two months old!!! This time we were able to bring his car seat on which is so much nicer!!!

Crew was so excited to meet his other cousins Bryce and Zachary. The picture below goes Bryce (5 yrs), Brody (2 yrs), Zachary (4 mos), and Crew (2 mos). It was so fun to meet Zachary!! He is such an adorable and happy baby!!!

I love this comparison between Zachary and Crew. Zachary weighs 24 lbs at 4 months and Crew is at 11 lbs at 2 months. I love how big Zachary is!!! He is so cute and we loved meeting our new nephew and spending the week with him!!

It is a tradition that every year we get Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. My parents did this for us all growing up and it is something that I definitely want to continue on with my kids!!!

Christmas Day!!!

We had our very own little Santa Claus!!! Christmas is so much more magical with little ones around. It reminds me of my childhood and all of the fun things that we would do as a family.

Crew at 2 months!!! He smiles now which is my favorite!!

Happy New Year!! My parents flew to Washington too. They came to celebrate New Years and also for Crew's blessing. We blessed Crew in Washington. Stay tuned for Crew's blessing post.

While my parents were in Washington we went to the Washington History Museum and they were having a model train exhibit. It was really cool to see all of the trains.

There is a bridge that goes across the freeway to the Glass museum so we walked across the bridge to see all of the cool glass sculptures.

We also went to Point Defiance and saw a ton of raccoons!!! This little guy came right up to the car.

We had such a great time in Washington!! Thank you so much for a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!