Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LONDON~May 10, 2007

Welcome to the Royal Streets of London!!
After a very long flight the night before, we landed in London!! We were very exhausted but had to wake up rather quickly because we had a full day of sight seeing ahead of us. After getting our luggage and waiting for Joel's parents in customs we found our way to the underground Tube (the subway) that took us to our hotel. The beds looked so inviting when we checked in so we didn't stay long in fear that we would sleep our day away in London. We rode a double-decker bus around town so we could see as much as possible in the short day that we were there. That night we went on a Jack The Ripper tour. We actually walked the steps that Jack did and saw real live pictures of his victims. I know kind of creepy...but still a very cool experience!!

Parliament Building

So I talked with Joel and I think we have found our first home!! What better way for Joel to treat me like a princess then to buy me a castle!! "Christmas at our place!!"
We were both freezing and soaking wet by the time our day in London was over. Thank goodness the actual cruise was hot and sunny!!

We were on the London Eye in this picture. The London Eye is this huge ferris wheel that takes you way up in the air for the most amazing view ever. You stand in this bubble shaped enclosure and it takes about 20 min. to go around the entire thing once.

LONDON BRIDGE!! This is the famous london bridge that eveyone has heard about!! It is definitely the coolest bridge I have ever seen! London was so amazing because you just felt like royalty there. I swear I thought any minute I would see Prince William driving down the street.

"Trip" of a life time!!!

Now when I say trip of a life time, I literally mean people were tripping all around us when we were in Europe! They really need to get the clue that cobble stone streets are very hazardous! But for reals, Joel and I went on the most amazing vacation ever on a Mediterranean Cruise and I am so excited to Blog about it and share our entire trip with all of our friends and family. We also went with my parents and Joel's parents and another couple. I am going to post a blog for each day that we were there and explain where we were and the amazing sites that we saw!! I hope you enjoy the new johnson jabber blog!!