Friday, August 13, 2010

A Seven Peaks Summer and So Much More!!!

Where to even begin.... I have been so behind on blogging and we have done so much in the last couple of months. I finally sat down and said I better get caught up on my blog or it will never happen. So after you look at this post keep scrolling down because there are so many new posts before this one!!!

We got seven peaks passes this summer and have loved every minute of them! Crew loves the water and we have gone so many times. Just call us pool rats!!! Here is a recap of all of the photos from seven peaks so far this summer.

Crew loves floating around the lazy river in his turtle!!
Crew playing with Mason!
The sun and water sure does take it out of us!! I love that Crew can lay under the umbrella and take naps while we are there!!

Joel almost made it to the Y!!! haha
My little Beach Bum!!!
Crew loves to Splash
I love Crew's new rash guard and shorts!! Grandma Johnson sent them to him. Thank you thank you!!!
Well that's been our summer so far in a nut shell. Stay tuned..... more summer fun activities are coming up!!!


Our landscaping is finally in!!! We are so excited to be able to play on it and enjoy it. It turned out great!!

We just did grass in the backyard for now with some curbing surrounding the house. We will add trees and plants in the back over time.

Thanksgiving Point Petting Farm!!!

A couple of weeks ago Crew and I went with Janelle and Brody and some of their friends to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. Crew loved seeing all of the animals!
Crew just chillin with the horses! I love Crew's facial expressions. He's looking at me like Seriously mom, seriously....
Brody loved the Pigs!!
Crew thinking... I can oink like that....oink oink oink
Brody behind bars!!

It was so fun, Crew got to ride a Pony for the very first time. We had so much fun on the Farm!!

Janelle's Baby Shower!!!

On July 28th I threw a Baby Shower for my sister-in-law Janelle! It was so much fun and we had such a good turn out! Thanks so much to everyone that came! I had so much fun planning this baby shower. They are so much more fun for girls I think!!! I love PINK!!!

Janelle is going to be induced at the end of this month and we are so excited to meet the newest addition to the family!!!
Everyone drank out of baby bottles!!!
The baby bottle cupcakes that I made

The baby bottle favors filled with mints!

The baby bottle guessing game!!!

The 24th of July!!!

The 24th of July is a pretty big deal here in Spanish Fork. They start the morning off with a fun parade that we went to. Then we had brunch at Magleby's Fresh. Then walked down Main where they have all these tents set up with food and fun things to buy. After those festivities we went to Seven Peaks.

That night we decided to just stay in our backyard to watch the fireworks. We heard that they set them off at the sports complex right by our house. We didn't know how well we would see them but thought it was worth a try. They were INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Front row seats!!!! They were right there in our faces. The show was even better than the Stadium of Fire fireworks. So next year we are throwing a big party in our backyard and then watching the fireworks!! It's so perfect!!

Cascade Springs and the Timpanogas Cave!!!

The weekend after the 4th my parents came in town. We had such a fun weekend with them and did so many fun things. We drove the Alpine Loop and went and walked around the Cascade Springs. Then we went to Park City and walked down Main Street and did some shopping.

The springs were absolutely gorgeous! There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Utah and we don't take advantage of it as much as we should.
The next day we hiked up to the Timpanogas Caves.
Joel did an awesome job carrying Crew the whole way up and down. It was a hard enough hike doing it on your own without having to carry someone.

The views were breathtaking
I'm so glad that we finally hiked to these caves. I've always wanted to do it and we needed to before Crew was more mobile and could walk because that would be so dangerous unless he was in a hiking backpack.
The caves were incredible!! If you haven't hiked to them I strongly suggest doing it. Everyone needs to see these awesome caves! And yes it was really hot hiking up to them but once inside it is so cool and refreshing.

My Dad!

My mom and dad are so cute!!! Love them!
Crew was so good through the entire tour. He didn't make a peep. The tour guide said that she wants Crew to be the mascot for the Timpanogas Caves because babies usually get really scared and scream through the entire thing until they are finally escorted out!!

Now for the hike down!
Crew even got a sticker that said I helped protect the caves today!!
We had so much fun with my parents in town. My dad had to leave after the weekend but my mom was able to stay for two more weeks!!! We had fun shopping, going to lunch, going to Seven Peaks, going to the park, and so much more!!!