Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crew's Nursery!!!

Here are some pictures of the nursery so far. I still have to add some last minute touches but we are pretty much ready to bring out little guy home!!! My mom came in town for a week and a half to come to my showers and to help me with the room. She was a HUGE help and I couldn't have done it without her. She helped organize and clean and get Crew's room all ready to go. I appreciate her so much! Enjoy all of the many pictures!!!

Baby Showers!!!

I have been slacking majorly on our blog. So many things have been going on that when I don't have something to do I want to just sit and do nothing!!! We are getting so close for our little guy to come that I figure I should catch up on my blogging before I really don't have time to update anything!!

I have had two very fun baby showers!!! The first shower my cousin's wives, Erin and Analeis, and my Aunt Shauneen put together for me!! It turned out so good and it was so fun to have all of my family from Utah there to celebrate little Crew's arrival.

Erin made these adorable letters for Crew's nursery. They are perfect and add so much to the room!!! She is so talented!! She also made the diaper cake as well. I appreciate all the work that all three of them put into my shower!

Here is my cute Aunt Vickie and cousins Maria, her daughter, and Jenny!!
My grandma June, (caught with her eyes half shut) my cousin Alexa, and Aunts Colette and Tamara!
My cousin Callie in the back and me and Aunt Shauneen!!!
Here are the adorable hostesses Analeis and Erin!! Thanks so much girls!!

Janelle, Joel's sister, threw me a shower here in Orem. It was so much fun and she did such an amazing job with everything!!! We had so much fun with friends and family. Everything was decorated so cute and the food was delicious!!
Here is Joel's Aunt Julie holding cute Madeline!!! His cousin Elise, Aunt Laurel, and cousin Nicole. I was so excited that Laurel was in town to come!!!
Janelle, Kelly, and Toni!!! Our really good friends, Toni and Pete, drove all the way from Reno to come to my shower. They moved in June and we have missed them so much!!! It meant so much to us to have them there!!!
The baby bump!!

A fun group shot!! Thank you so much Janelle for making it such a fun and memorable shower!! Crew is very lucky to have an awesome Aunt Nelly!!!