Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which girl are you most like on The Hills?

Everyone's got their favorite girl on the Hills, but which one are you actually the most like?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

August Update!!!

Here is an update for what we have been up to in August. The last week of August we went to Colorado to see my parents and Doug, Shauna, Jaden, and Bradli!!!! Bradli is adorable and I was so excited to meet my first niece!!!!! Jaden was so excited to show me his tricks on his skateboard. I think he might be the next Tony Hawk!!!He stands on his skateboard and then kicks it up. He is so cute!!

We tried going to a water park as a family but it was closed due to lightning so we went to the park instead where they were having a little carnival. Jaden loved his cotton candy!!

This is my favorite picture of all time!!! Jaden loves his binoculars and Joel asked him if he was going to use those to look at all the little girls and he said no the big girls. He is so funny. I told Jaden to check out the cheerleaders and he totally did. I was laughing so hard and all the little girls thought he was so cute and funny!!!
Cute Bradli!! Shauna dresses her so cute!
I love her pretty blue eyes!!!
Jaden had so much fun playing in all the colorful balls. He would have loved to stay there all day.

Joel, Jaden, and Doug. Best Buds!!

We went to Colorado on a Friday and then left for Mexico on Monday. My parents were able to go with us so that was so much fun. This is our annual trip to Mexico with Joel's family!! It is so chill and everyone can do there own thing and have their own relaxing trip!!! The second day we were there we went to a time share presentation so that we could get free food and drinks and a massage at the spa. Joel and I had a couples massage and it was so amazing!!! I am telling you if you haven't been to Cabo you really need to get there sometime!!!
My parents at the house they were trying to sell them at the time share presentation. Not a bad view!!!

They had all the towels folded so cool!!!
After the time share presentation we went to the Sky Pool. It is the highest pool at the Sunset Resort. The view was breath taking.

At the Sunset resort they take you around in these carts. The resort is built up on the entire hill so it would be a lot to walk.

Lover's Beach is behind us in this picture where we got engaged three years ago!!! I can't believe it has been three years. Time goes by so fast!!!

The sunset on the last night that we were there was beautiful!! The pinks and oranges were so bright.

I would say that pretty much sums up an amazing summer. Cabo twice in two months isn't half bad. Thank you Mark and Diane for an amazing week with the family!!!