Monday, March 17, 2008

LA VEGA!!!!!!!!!!

Me, Joel, and my friend Colin all drove down to Vegas this past weekend for our friend Amy's wedding. We all had so much fun getting out of Utah and seeing the outside world. It really wears on me being in happy valley all the time. There is so much more out there in life then in this bubble. We drove down on Thursday night and we stopped in St. George to see my parents!!! They were there for a convention. It was so fun seeing my parents and I miss them so much!! Friday was a beautiful day!!! Colin and I went to the Fashion Show Mall and then of course to In-N-Out!!! This place makes my mouth water. I love it!!! Can you believe this semi truck!!!! Me and Colin
We saw the biggest trucks!!! You definitely don't see trucks like this in P-Town
Joel and I saw this driving on the freeway!!!! This thing could definitely drive over the Mazda!!!
Taylor and Amy
Here we are at the reception. It was freezing!!!

We all had so much fun after the reception. We went down to the Bellagio and watched the water show and then we were off to Paris for some crepes!!! Yum!! We then went dancing and it was sooo much fun!!! I loved seeing friends and just relaxing!

Both of our families have been traveling all over the place while Joel and I have been working and dealing with school so it was so nice to get away and have a weekend to relax. You don't get much time to do things like this with full time jobs and Joel being in his last semester of school. It's always weird going back to Las Vegas and not having my house and family to go home to. It almost seems like I didn't even grow up there. The weekend has come and gone and now it is back to reality again. Maybe someday our lives will calm down!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother!!!

Today is my brother, David's BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happy Birthday David!!! We wish you could partying with you on this very special day!!! We love you and hopefully we will see you and Amanda soon!!!