Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Weekend!!!

On Thursday my mom came in town for the weekend!!! We had so much fun!! I took Friday off of work and we went to Gardner Village. This is probably our favorite place to come at Halloween time. If you don't know us very well we absolutely LOVE Halloween. Both of our places are decorated in Halloween decor from top to bottom!!! At Gardner Village they have all of these adorable witches all over. It is such a fun setting.

I love when my mom comes in town. We do all of the fun girl things!! She is really like a best friend and a sister to me since I am the only girl in my family. We went shopping, went out to dinner, watched chick flicks, I gave her a facial, and made crafts. We both love to do the same things so we have endless fun together!!!
Here are some pictures of the witches at Gardner Village. They are everywhere!!!

Witchy Poo!!!

We love witches so much that we decided to bring some home with us!!! These witches are so cute!!!
We made two things while she was here. We made these cute T's for Thanksgiving. We mod podged them with scrap book paper. They turned out so good and they are so easy to do!!!
My mom brought this H from home that she bought a few years ago to show me the cute idea. Our T's look just as good. It is such a fun and easy craft for every holiday!!!
We also bought fake pumpkins and covered them in glitter. They are so cute to decorate with and I can't wait to make more. I am going to make gourds and another pumpkin in browns and reds and make an adorable center piece for our table. I love decorating and it is even more fun to decorate with things that you can make too!!!
So as you can see we were way busy and had so much fun together!!! I can't wait for her to come back into town again. Thank you Dad for letting us have such a fun weekend!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Night Terrors!!!

On Saturday night we thought we would have a great time and go with our friends Toni and Pete to the Hee Haw Cornival. They have a corn maze, petting zoo, slides, and the Night Terrors. We thought it would be a really fun night full of Halloween activities. Unfortunately, in the first five minutes of being there I went down a slide that they built up with hay bails and plastic and twisted my ankle pretty bad. When I hit the bottom of the slide there was a dip at the bottom and my ankle bent backwards. So the rest of the night was spent hobbling through the night terrors, the haunted corn maze and forest, that they have. I was walking so slow that people kept catching up to us and we had to let them pass and then wait a little while so that we could still be scared as well. Haha oh what a night. I can look back and laugh about it, now that I am feeling better. I really wish I could rewind that night so that I could enjoy it because it was really fun other than that. We would have gotten more pics with Pete and Toni but my camera died right when we were taking one of the four of us :( Just be careful if you do go down that slide at Hee Haw because I wasn't the only one that got hurt. A lady earlier that day broke her leg going down that slide and her bone was sticking out. So I guess I was the luckier of the two!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Made This...

Last night I hung out with Toni and Janelle, while our husband's were at the priesthood session. We decided to have a craft night!!! We are always seeing things in the stores and wanting to make them. Janelle and I were at Gardner Village a couple of weeks ago and saw these cute picture frames for every holiday pretty much. Halloween, 4th of July, just normal decorative ones. We said to ourselves that those would be so easy to make. So last night we went to Roberts and got unfinished frames and scrap book paper and this is what we came up with!!! I think they all turned out so good!!! If anyone wants picture frames for the holidays or their home let me know! I will totally make you some. I wonder what our next craft project will be...