Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Joel and I went to Colorado this year to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We had a blast and a little taste of some snowy weather as well. It was kind of nice seeing how it apparently doesn't snow in Utah this year. Knock on wood...we will probably wake up to a foot of snow tomorrow now that I said that. I didn't have time to blog while in Colorado so I am finally getting around to wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. The first day that Joel and I were in Colorado we went bowling with the family. Jaden, my nephew below, loves to go bowling. Not even to actually go, he was bowling all weekend with water bottles and a volleyball in my parent's house. He is growing up so much I just can't even believe it. He is so cute and I love his shaggy hair. He has moved on from the fo hawk.This is my mom and Jaden at the bowling alley.
Jaden almost got a strike!!!
Thanksgiving dinner....where do I even begin. First of all my mom decorates for every holiday like she owns it. She has so many decorations it is insane. Good thing they have a HUGE storage closet to store it all in. She decorated the dinner table so cute. Jaden also helped by making turkey name tags for the table with his hands. He has done that for the past three Thanksgivings.
Uncle Joel and Jaden
Aunt Monica and Jaden. And Shauna I did not sneak Jaden a chocolate leaf before dinner.....hehe
Most of my family. My mom took the picture and we sure did miss David and Amanda!!!
It was so fun to have snow on the ground!!!
Jaden loved this basket. He kept crawling in it and I think I captured quite the cute picture!!
On Saturday night my parents took Doug and Shauna and Joel and I out to dinner at Macaroni Grill and then to a play called White Christmas in down town Denver. The play was so much fun and got me so excited for Christmas. And then I saw this..... This is the City Hall building in Denver and they covered it completely with lights. This was so amazing and beautiful. I asked Joel how we could make our condo look like this!! Haha!! They had music playing and it really was just like a christmas wonderland.

We had so much fun in Colorado with my family and it was really hard to leave. We wish we didn't have to come back to work and school and reality. Thank you so much mom and dad for everything. We can't wait to see you in Provo for Christmas!!! We love you and miss you guys already!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am so obsessed with this new game Boom-O that I just learned about!!! We played games with our friends a couple weekends ago and they brought this game. It is like UNO but with bombs. Now here is the catch, they don't make Boom-O anymore so you can't find it ANYWHERE!!! I went on ebay and someone was selling it. I bid, and bid, and kept bidding.......I won't tell you how much I paid for it but I have BOOM-O now!!!!!!!! It came in the mail this week and Joel and I have been playing it every night. It is so much fun. Joel said it's a good thing I don't usually shop on ebay because we would be broke. I just love winning!!! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy October!!!

This month has been a very busy and eventful month. I haven't posted in a while and thought I should recap on our fun month. Joel's parents came into town for Janelle's baby shower that i put on for her. It was so good to see them and have a fun weekend together. Janelle is having a boy and we are so excited to add another nephew to the family!!!That same weekend was the World Series. Joel and I were sporting our Rockies gear and cheering for them the whole way through. Unfortunately they lost, really bad.....but hey at least they actually made it to the world series. I still love the Rockies!!!
Happy Halloween from Nuvont!! This is the clan dressed up for Halloween. Starting from Left to right we have Micah as an IRS auditor, Dave as God's gift to women, Katie as a pirate, Becca as a carnival cruise line dancer, me as Avril Lavigne, Greg as a corn on the cob, and Andrea as fish food. We had a very fun day at work all dressed up!!! I went to the bank and as soon as I walked in everyone yelled AVRIL!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you can say I pulled it off!!
Joel and I were invited to the Jazz game and we sat in a box. We had a blast!!! To bad they lost but hey I really just enjoyed the loud fan things that we got to slap when the Jazz were doing good. Go Jazz!!!

So that kind of sums up what we have been up to lately. It is so hard to keep up on this blog when life is soooooo busy!!!! It will be nice when Joel is done with school in June and we can have more time to play.......haha I guess it doesn't look like we have a problem fitting that in, but you know what I mean. For some reason having him in school just takes away from so much. 7 more months and then we will be free from School!!!