Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Stuff!!!

In Washington we bought this AWESOME Hurley sweatshirt for Baby Crew!!! I had no idea that they carried things like this at TJ Max. We got this for $12.00!!!
This week my friend Colin took me to this very cute fabric store and we got to crafting!! She helped me make these very cute baby wipe cases. They turned out so cute!!
My friend also has a talent that I wish I had. She can sew!!! She sewed this very cute blanket for me!! I helped her pin it!! haha This blanket will be perfect for the nursery!! I love it and I am glad we were able to find the perfect colors and fabric to match Crew's bedroom. I have some left over fabric so we are going to make a smaller security blanket for him and also a pillow for the nursery as well. I love making things!!!

Thanks Colin!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We went to Washington for 10 days which was so much fun!!! Joel had to get mouth surgery unfortunately, but we still had a blast!! On the 4th of July we went out on the boat during the day to see the gorgeous scenery. I love the colorful beach houses above!!
We went under the Narrows Bridge which was very cool!
That night the whole family jumped on the boat and we headed to Tacoma to watch the fireworks that they light off of the water. Joel has always said that this is the coolest place to watch fireworks because the reflection off the water is amazing!
As you can see, fireworks on the water are amazing!!!!

A few days later we took the Ferry to Seattle where we ate at Red Robin and went to a Mariners game.
Home of the Mariners- Safeco Field
We had really good seats. We could see everything perfectly!! The day couldn't have been better for a baseball game. We had so much fun even though the Mariners lost. :(
Joel's face was swollen in this picture. Poor guy!! He went through a lot. You can see my baby bump a little bit in this picture. It's not the best picture so I will have to work on getting a side profile for those of you who have asked.
We went boating quite a bit while we were there. It is so hard to be on a boat and not being able to go wakeboarding or tubing. Janelle and Jeremy took Brody tubing. He loved it!!
Our Nephew, Brody loves the water!!!
Joel and his brother-in-law took our other nephew Bryce tubing as well. The kids had so much fun on the boat.

Here is Joel and Joel's sisters boyfriend.

We had so much fun and we can't believe it is over already.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

24th Birthday!!!

My 24th Birthday was on June 29th!!! I can't believe how time flys by. I got a glider and ottoman for my birthday to add to the nursery. Here are some updated pictures of the room. It is coming together very nicely. I am excited to really start decorating it now that we have all of the main furniture in the room.

I had such a fun Birthday!!

American Fork Canyon

A couple of weekends ago Joel and I went up to American Fork Canyon and drove the alpine loop. We had never been up that canyon before in the entire time that we have lived here. It is so pretty!!! We love it so much more than Provo Canyon.