Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congrats David & Amanda!!!

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to my brother and his wife's sealing at the Manti Temple!!! I have only been on the outside of this temple so to be able to go inside was an amazing and wonderful experience!!! Everything about this temple is gorgeous!!! It was so much fun to be able to spend the weekend with family. I miss not having them close by.
Joel and I shared a room with Shauna and Jaden!! It was so much fun and Shauna and I were constantly laughing at the things Jaden would do!!! Oh Jaden you look so Handsome!!!
Jaden was obsessed with Joel the entire weekend. He would say "Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel" over and over again!!! They were best buds by the end of the weekend!!
Congratulations David and Amanda on getting sealed!!! We love you!!!
The flowers were so pretty!!!
It was so fun to be able to see my cousin and his wife Analeese who is in the picture with me!!! They are so much fun and we definitely need to hang out soon!!!
Yes we are both wearing yellow shoes!!!
I love Joel so much and had the best weekend with him!!!
The girls!!! Analeese, Me, Shauna
I love my beau!! We had so much fun seeing him this weekend! He is growing so much and talking which is crazy!!
My Hurley boy!!! I love how he wears skate brands!! Maybe we will see you in the X Games someday!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

White Water Rafting!!!

Welcome to Jackson Hole, WY!!! We went with some friends up to Jackson Hole this weekend to stay at our friends cabin and go white water rafting down the Snake River!!! It was so much fun. I love Jackson and haven't been there in a while. Joel and I have been wanting to go there for a while now and we finally made it!!This is us rafting down the river!!!
This rapid is called Lunch Counter. It was the smaller of the two big rapids. When we went through Big Kahuna 4 people fell out. Luckily Joel and I didn't. I was holding on for dear life!!!
These are our friends that we went with. Starting in the back we have Brittany and her husband Tophe and then on the right side is Andrew and his wife Lindsay.
The famous antler arch in Jackson!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pink Bike!!! Pink Flowers!!!

Joel's parents gave me the coolest bike for my birthday!!! I love it so much!!! Thank you Mark and Diane!! I think I'm kind of going backwards in life. Usually you want a big wheel when you are a toddler then you move to a bike and then to a car. Well I have a car and now I wanted this pink bike so bad. Watch out next year I might be cruisin on a big wheel!! I finally planted flowers in my pots on our front porch!! I love pink these days. I guess I really am going backwards in life. I loved pink as a girl, I even wanted a pink house when i grew up. Don't worry I'm not going to go that far!!!Lowrider Hero!!!
I'm so gangster!!!


Army Girls!!!

We had quite the adventure on Friday trying to go up camping!!! We went with our really good friends Toni and Pete!!! We first started by going up to Hope Campground which is up by Squa Peak. The campground was completely full so we decided to make our way up Provo Canyon stopping at various campgrounds along the way. Who would have thought camping is so popular these days! Everything was completely full!! As we were on our journey up towars Midway, Toni and Pete's jeep over heated. Believe me I know what this is like!!! Jeeps are fun but boy are they frustrating!!! Toni and I sat on the back of Joel's truck for about 30 minutes and ate all of our food because we were starving!! We finally got their jeep up to Heber where we dropped it off so we could still have fun camping!! We rolled into the coolest campground in Midway at about 9:30. And yes there were spots available!! After setting up camp in the dark we had a nice barbque and roasted smores!! It turned out to be a very fun trip!!
Me & ToniThe army girls at camp site #38!!!
Kicking back in the tent!!!
Yes that is an IBC Rootbeer!!! (I learned it from my mom!)
Toni & Pete!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Tunes

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Memories of being together!!!!

We wanted to catch everyone up on the past 2 years of us dating, being engaged, and getting married!!! I thought what a great way to do this in a slide show! I hope everyone enjoys seeing what we have been up to!!!

4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a great week this past week! My parents were in town and we had a blast. Of course we did all of the essentials like go shopping and go to the new IKEA store but our favorite thing was going to Stadium of Fire!! Joel and I had never been before so it was a whole new experience to us! We loved every minute of it and I won't forget the smell or taste of fireworks for a while!!!They started off the show with sky divers that landed in the stadium. It is crazy how fast those guys get going!!
Have you seen the movie The Rocketeer? If you haven't you are missing out! There was an actual rocketeer guy at the stadium of fire. He walked out with his fire pack on and flew around the stadium. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen!!
The firework show was by far the best firework show I have ever seen!! It literally lasted for almost an hour shooting off to disney theme songs and american theme songs. They shot most of them right from the stadium bleachers! We were covered by the end of the show in firework ash! It was crazy!!!

My loving and generous parents!!! We miss you already! Thanks for taking us to an amazing show!!!

This torch is going to be the start of a great tradition!! They are going to light this torch every single 4th of July from now on.
Brooks & Dunn played at the Stadium of Fire and they did an awesome job!!! These guys are no joke, they had about 10 busses and semi-trucks with them. So overall the night and week was a blast! The only bad part was waiting an hour to get out of the Marriott parking lot afterwards!