Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have to admit that I have not been in the blogging mood for quite some time now. Ever since we got back from out Thanksgiving Vacation we have been so busy with working, getting ready for Christmas, and every day life. So here is a recap of what we have been up to.

For Thanksgiving we went to Washington to spend it with Joel's family. Joel went up a couple of days before me and when he was there he found out that he had to have oral surgery the day before Thanksgiving. He had to have gum grafts done. So needless to say this was not the "fun" break that we were looking forward to. The day that he had surgery he didn't stop bleeding for 4 hours straight. He was spitting out buckets of blood. Thank goodness that his mom, Diane, was there because I do not handle blood very well. Joel couldn't eat solid foods for three weeks so eating any kind of Thanksgiving dinner was out of the question. I felt so bad for him. So we spent our break taking it easy and going to movies. Hopefully we can make it back soon because it had been two years since we were there and we were so excited for a fun time in Washington.

Here is Ryan and Brody!!!
Thanksgiving Day in Joel's backyard. Even though Joel felt horrible and his face was swollen he was still a champ in taking a picture with me.
Here is Joel's yummy Thanksgiving dinner.....chocolate milk, mashed potatoes, and an attempt to swallow some olives whole. What a sad day!!!
Joel grew up in such a beautiful place. He always says how ugly Utah is when I think how green it is seeing as how I grew up in Vegas. But every time I come to Washington I realize what he means when he says Utah is ugly. Every where you look you are surrounded by beautiful trees and water!!!
Joel was a trooper and wanted to still take me around town and to the harbor even though he was in so much pain!!
We had so much fun in Washington for Thanksgiving and I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone but the majority of the time was taking care of Joel. I don't think he will be having mashed potatoes, soup, or pudding for a very long time!!!
The other night we babysat our nephew Brody. He was so cute and so fun to hang out with. Even though I tortured him by taking pictures!!! I realized if you give a baby a phone you can pretty much do anything you want. Even put Joel's hat on him long enough to take a picture.
I can't believe how big he is getting!!! He turns 1 tomorrow!!! We are so excited for his b-day party!!
My favorite part was when he just sat with me and watched TV. He is so adorable and I feel so bad for his huge goose egg on his head. He fell last week and hit his head on their chair in their kitchen. Janelle said it used to be so much bigger than that. Poor little guy!!

Yesterday we had quite the blizzard!!! I was sent home from work early which I was more than ok about. I work out in Lehi and the storm was getting pretty bad so we all left early to make it home. I love the snow and it was so fun to cuddle up and watch the snow fall. It finally feels like Christmas!!!

So I know that was just a bunch of random pictures but that pretty much sums up what we have been up to. I figured I should probably get this post in before Christmas and I have that much more pictures. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!